Science Fill Ins: Cards Against Humanity

Fill Ins for Science Cards: Cards Against Humanity

An example of cards from "Cards Against Humanity" (Photo: Wiki Commons).

Science Fill Ins for Blank Cards

I thought it would be fun to take a break from the usual blog post and try something a bit different. It's just past Christmas and many of us spent the holidays with family and friends, playing games, talking, and eating. One of the challenges that some friends of mine issued was creating our own deck of funny cards related to the game "Cards Against Humanity " (CAH).

For those of you that aren't familiar with the game, it involves selecting a black card from the deck and reading it aloud, and then everyone in the group answers the question on the card from a selection of white cards in their hands. The white cards have wildly inapproprite and non PC answers. Granted, the game is very offensive to almost everyone, which is why it's funny. I ended up removing some of the more offensive cards on principle, and we always have rules about being able to take out cards or put them back in the deck if they cross a personal line. However, the game can be fun and rowdy.

I also like that CAH donates a good portion of their profits to non-profits. I was surprised to find that a teacher friend of mine had her entire third grade "Go Fund Me" project funded by CAH. It seems appropriate that it was owl pellets! So I encourage folks to actually buy the game.

With that said, I did like their science expansion pack, but I thought it was a bit light, so for today's post I'm going to give you good fill ins for blank cards that come with the game, or your own science themed party.

Black Cards

  • Climate change is really caused by ______________________.
  • Eureka! I've found it, the secret to eternal youth is _______________.
  • Scientists have now cloned ______________________.
  • Young chemist kids, now with more _________________.
  • UV rays, now found to be bad for _______________.
  • ____________, why birds really migrate.
  • I'd time travel for _____________________.
  • Caecum and you shall find ___________________.
  • "Cogito ergo __________________."
  • I just discovered a new species of ____________________.
  • There aren't more women in science because ____________________.
  • ______________, the ultimate lab animal.
  • No need to write grants, try raising money by ______________________.
  • My science super power is __________________________.
  • Man originally came from _______________________.
  • All food is allowed a certain percentage of _______________ parts.
  • Attack of the mutant ___________________.
  • The most popular science show for kids on TV is now featuring ________________.
  • The greatest source of greenhouse gas is really _________________.
  • Satellites, now able to see _______________ more clearly.
  • I was drawn to the mating call of the _____________________.
  • There is only one answer to all questions in science, _______________.
  • Too much radiation can cause _________________.
  • Scientists have discovered a cure for baldness, ___________________.
  • _______________, the newly discovered apex predator.
  • The dinosaurs were destroyed by _____________________.
  • Aliens landed, and thought we were civilized until they saw __________________.
  • Apoptosis can be reversed by ____________________.
  • I have discovered the theory of ______________.
  • My next poster session will include ___________________.
  • The ideal date for a scientist includes ________________________.
  • ____________________, now in claymation.
  • The Big Bang started with _____________________.
  • The next animal cam will feature ______________________.
  • The next science reality TV show will feature ___________________ and ________________.

White Cards

Pheromones Bedazzled lab coats
Artificial intelligence Zombie interns
Capsaicin Growing an ear on an mouse's back
Fugu Fish Incomplete metamorphosis
Ear tagging a mesquite bush instead of mice when drunk Wearing an inflated rubber glove on your head like a rooster
Demented flying squirrels Raptorial claws
Hermaphrodites Flower ovaries
Surface area Evolving from sea slugs
Richard Simmons in a lab coat A goat with spider silk coming from its udders
The mating dance of the bower bird Gene splicing
Baculum bones A hairless hare
Running a multivariate analysis in your underwear Belching the periodic table
Genetically modified squid Carrion beetles
Turning pink from eating shrimp Higher magnification
Bonobo apes GMO foods
Free-basing coffee Birds regurgitating bugs
Chewing cud Pandas doing absolutely nothing
Talking like David Attenborough Monkey biscuits
Methyl mercury Eating insects for protein
Making science fun Great white sharks eating people
Interpretive dance Marsh gas
Vampire bats Giant squid
Explaining quantum science through puppet shows Thesis revisions written in crayon
Aye-Ayes that need glasses Science ninjas
The missing link Counting lizard lip scales
Goggles with bling Power hungry tadigrades
Orogeny zones Science interpreted with a French accent
Hopping horned toads Worm grunting