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3D Modeling and the Smithsonian Collections

Today the Smithsonian is releasing the debut of its new 3D Digitization Collections on its web page  Smithsonian X 3D (beta). This is a new way to curate the collections of the Smithsonian, not just through 2D pictures but also through 3D interactive images. Imaging like this will revolutionize how students visit the Smithsonian and interact with the collections.

First, a disclaimer, you will need 3D viewing capability on your web browser to see the images I'm talking about. If you have the newest version of Firefox or Google Chrome you'll be fine, and it works with Safari as well. I found that even though I have the newest version of Firefox that my 3D WebGL was not enabled. If you need help enabling the feature check out this super helpful website https://www.biodigitalhuman.com/home/enabling-webgl.html for some simple steps. This page from SI shows you the prerequisites http://3d.si.edu/article/prerequisites.

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