Uncover Books: 3D Exploration in Book Form

3D Books for Learning

Uncover Books offer a range of books for kids (and adults) interested in knowing what goes on inside of animals.

As we're approaching Christmas, and attention is turning once again to holiday shopping and ideas I wanted to review a series of books that I've found to be a great supplement to my classes and that kids absolutely love. They are called "Uncover Books." The books are a hybrid of the models you made as a kid of the clear human body and a board book. But these books are much more.

Uncover books
Uncover 3-D Dolphin Book

There are thirteen in all including shark, human, cat, horse, dog, frog, cobra, car, t-Rex, dolphin, tarantula, and crocodile. They are written at around the 5th-6th grade level but I found their content and layout interesting even as an adult. Each page of the book takes you deeper inside the body of the chosen animal (or car). You start with the exterior anatomy of the animal, turn the page and meet it's nervous system and spine in 3-D, next you progress to its digestive system, respiratory system, etc. this is a great way to introduce kids to the major organ and body systems of animals, and if you get several of the books you can do some neat comparative anatomy. The frog book, below, can also be useful for pre-dissection study as well.

Uncover books 3
Uncover 3-D Frog Book

On average the books run anywhere from $18 new to $.24 used. I know that in this day and age computers and technology are highly valued, but I like the hands-on nature of these books and sometimes you just can't beat holding a 3-D model book in your hand. All of them are available online at at Amazon.