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About this Blog

Welcome to the Infinite Spider Blog, a science and nature blog aimed at nature lovers, naturalists, and outdoor educators. Posts on this blog include nature news, ideas for places to visit, tips and tricks for the identification of North American wildlife, evaluation of new ways to teach about nature (for all ages), and more. This blog is also for those that love nature and sharing nature as much as I do. Visit the additional tabs on the page for Science and Nature Technology tools for naturalists and educators, as well as places to shop for yourself or teaching outdoors.


Here's a picture of me with an osprey chick.

My name is Karen and I am a long time naturalist and outdoor educator for over fifteen years. I am at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center working as an Education Program Specialist. Prior to this, I was a science curriculum writer for Discovery Channel and a Unit Coordinator at the Smithsonian Science Education Center. I worked for 8/12 years at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center,  and before that Cape Henlopen State Park as the Head Park Naturalist.  In my spare time I write a series called "Citizen Science in the Classroom" for the Scistarter citizen science website. My passion is learning and sharing what I learn with family and friends like you. I have lived all over the US but currently reside in Maryland. I enjoy rowing crew, hiking, birding, canoeing, kayaking, and generally being outdoors.

This is me, helping with banding a rather large red tailed hawk.

If you like this blog, please pass along the address and share with your friends. If you have an idea for a post please e-mail me Greathornedowl76@gmail.com.

About The Infinite Spider Logo

The logo for the Infinite Spider blog is a mash up of a spider and the infinity symbol. In many different native myths the spider, and grandmother spider, are seen as creators and givers of art, creativity, and design. She weaves her tapestries and draws forth the beauty of her webs. Spiders are also special because they have two body parts, a fused head and thorax (called a cephalothorax) and an abdomen. This shape gives them the figure eight or infinity shape. This is what I have incorporated into my design.


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